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Terms of Service

1: Terminology
a) "The website" refers the the website registered to the "" domain and all subdomains.
b) "The user", "user", "the users", refer to the visitors to the website and/or users of the Discord platform and/or website application and/or other third party applications/websites/contact options.
c) "Discord", refers the the third party application Discord.
d) "DM's", "direct messages", "PM's", "private messages" in context of Discord refer to the private messages between users on the Discord platform and/or website application.
e) "The contract", "contract", "the deal", "deal" refers to the deal struck between a user and the provider.
f) "The provider", "myself", "me", "I", "provider" refer to the person providing the services to the client.
g) "The client", "client" refers to the user requesting services from the provider. This cannot be more than 1 person and client status cannot be transfered from one user to another
h) "The service", "service", "product" refers to the property created by the provider for the client.
These terms apply to the Terms of Service as well as the Privacy Policy. Terms are not ordered in any way.
2: Agreement, Initialization and Stages
a) Any agreements before a deal is struck are invalid for the contact
b) Once a deal is struck between the client and provider and base guidelines are agreed on, the deal is considered 'active'.
c) If contact by the provider is ignored the deal is considered 'awaiting response'.
d) Once the deal is considered 'awaiting response' for more than 7 days, the deal is considered 'dead'.
e) Once 50% of the agreed payment is delivered to the specified, by the provider, address the intellectual property, in the form of computer code, is transfered from the provider to the client. At this point the deal is considered 'awaiting confirmation'.
f) After the remaining 50% of the agreed payment is delivered to the same address as the first 50% the deal is considered 'confirmed' and intructions will be sent to the client on how to set the product up. Note: the product cannot be run without these intructions.
g) Once a deal is considered 'confirmed' there is a 24 hour adjustment period wherein the client can: request minor changes to be made * and/or request help with setting the product up.
h) After the 24 hour period has expired the deal is considered as complete and no changed can be made without initializing a new deal. **
i) Any questions, concerns and/or the like could please be directed to [email protected]
* Whether a change is considered 'minor' is decided by the provider, although this can be appealed.
** The only exception is when the provider is hired by the client on a monthly basis to manage the product.
3: Termination
a) A deal is terminated either by the client, by request, or provider for any valid reason.
b) In the circumstance that the client refuses to pay the first or last 50% of the agreed payment, the deal is considered a 'scam'. When a deal is considered a 'scam', all contact is ceased and the client is blacklisted from any further orders, no matter the stage of payment or completion of the product.
c) If a deal is considered 'dead' for more than 24 hours the deal is automatically terminated and all further contact will not be associated with the deal.

Privacy Policy

1: Storing of user data and Agreement
a) By accessing and/or using this website you agree to all privacy statements and terms of service.
b) Data is stored permanently and temporarily by the website. Data stored permanently is only stored until the user requests it to be removed. Temporary data is stored until the user closes the browser.
c) All data accessed and/or used by the website is not sold to any parties.
d) All data stored by the website is purely to provide accessablility to the user.
e) All data is securely stored on a virtual server. Inaccessable to everyone. *
f) Any queries and/or questions concerning privacy could please be directed to [email protected]
g) Data is stored until the user closes the website and/or leaves the website. **
h) One cookie will be created on the user's device and it will only contain the session ID to the user's session on the site. It expires as soon as the user closes the connection with the website.
* Only with a server name, user password, username, is it possible to access the virtual server. ** When a user orders a service their data is stored until the order is closed.
2: Contacting of users
a) All users will be contacted through email or Discord.
b) By accessing this site you agree that you may be contacted concerning content posted on the website and/or queries and/or questions and/or any related contact through other parties.
c) Any impersonation of the website and/or any concerned parties is strictly prohibited.