"The thing that excites me the most when I wake up every day is the fact that I can connect to people on the other side of the world and build something completely unique and creative. Or maybe not unique or creative, it makes no difference. I just enjoy making things with other people, that's where the real fun is at"

Hi there! My name is Matthew Stead, I'm a 16 year old software developer currently living in South Africa

I have been coding for ~5 years, although I have only been taking part in the open-source community for the last ~2 years.
I am currently working on a couple different projects - all in different languages for some variety - and engaging more in the open-source community!

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I have a vast range of experience with many different lanuages, but I primarily use TypeScript for everyday coding. I used to use JavaScript and I have recently started coding with Rust and Ruby.

I have created simple games with C# and the Unity framework.

I tried React Native, but hated it with a passion. I moved onto Dart & Flutter and they reignited my passion for mobile development.

I dabbled in Minecraft (Spigot) plugins with Java, but it never really went anywhere.

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Me working in a garden (community service)

I am an active Scout part of the 1st Durbanville troop where I lead the Zebras patrol.

Scouts has taught me all the leadership skills I have and continues to teach me knew things I have never encountered.

I enjoy scouts because of the life experience it gives you. It drills "good planning" into your head until you can't think of a hiking route without going through potential escape routes, water sources, overnight spots, food arrangements, budgets, and so on.